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Initial Provisional I Teacher Certification Process

Process for new applicants to complete their Initial Provisional I teacher certification

Application Steps

For Initial Provisional I Teacher Certification, each of the following steps is required:

    1. Complete qualifications form: Download, complete, and email the Statement of Qualifications Word document  to the ODCTE at with the Division name in the Subject line (i.e., Ag, BMITE, FACS, Health, STEM, T&I).

    2. Submit all transcripts: Send images of official transcripts from ALL colleges you have attended to the ODCTE at with the Division name in the Subject line (i.e., Ag, BMITE, FACS, Health, STEM, T&I). Follow up by mailing official documents to the ODCTE, attention the Division with which you are applying, at 1500 W. Seventh Ave, Stillwater, OK 74074.

      If you have not attended any college, send verification of high school diploma or verification of having passed high school equivalency.

    3. Completion of background check: Initiate a Fingerprinting and National Background Check. This is required for all new teachers, as a teaching certificate will NOT be issued until results are received by the State Department of Education.

      CRITICAL: Please select the Option for "Teacher Certification" NOT "School Employment." Only the Teacher Certification background check will be accepted by the SDE for issuing a certificate.

      Two options are available for fingerprinting: you may have prints taken at the State Department of Education or at one of the SDE satellite sites around the state. See the link above for more information, or the link at for locations and scheduling information.

      NOTE: After you submit your prints at a satellite site, please email the State Department of Education  at one of these addresses. Please include your full name, SSN, the date you printed and specific site location. or

    4. Verify your employment: Request your superintendent or designee to complete the Verification of Employment form.

    5. You will need to provide your superintendent or designee with the specific location and date where you submitted your fingerprints.

    6. Certification Plan: Contact your Divisional Certification Specialist for assistance developing a personalized CareerTech Certification Plan.

    7. Submit payment: When all information has been received and processed, you will be instructed via email to log on to the SDE website to arrange payment and confirm your application.

    8. Complete requirements for Provisional I Renewal:

* Competency Exam or Industry Credential must be approved by Divisional State Program Manager on your personalized CareerTech Certification Plan.

Questions or Comments

Send questions or comments to your Divisional Certification Specialist

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