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Apply for your Initial Provisional II Certificate

Instructions for applying for initial provisional II CareerTech teaching certificate

Application Process for Initial Provisional II Teacher Certification

For an initial Provisional II Teacher Certification, each of the following is required:

  1.  Email images of the following documentation to the ODCTE at with the Division name in the Subject line (i.e., Ag, BMITE, FACS, Health, STEM, T&I).

  2. Documentation of successful completion of required 24 college semester hours toward the approved degree plan (Official Transcripts).
  3. Confirm approved occupational competency exam or industry credential has been transcripted through the university.
  4. Request for Recommendation for Provisional II certificate.

  5. When all information has been received and processed, you will be instructed via email to log on to the SDE website to arrange payment and confirm your application for Provisional II certificate.


Questions or Comments

Send questions or comments to your Divisional Certification Specialist

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