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Expectations for Teachers in the Program

1.  Attend all 32 days of the training sessions and video conferences. (see dates and locations)

2.  Complete teaching plans in the training sessions and use them in the classroom.   As part of the training sessions, teachers will be asked to create a portfolio that includes teaching ideas, tools, and plans. Once they have used what they plan, they will be asked to bring examples to the next training session.

3.  Seek feedback from mentor teachers and administrators through the year and incorporate that feedback into classroom practice.

Specific tasks and suggestions will be provided for conversations and activities involving both the administrator and the teacher mentor.

4.  With satisfactory completion of these expectations and submission of assignments, teachers will have met the completion requirements of the program and be eligible to earn the Basic 15 Teacher Certification if enrolled at OSU. (2013-2014 Cohort)

Expectations of Administrator and Mentor Teachers

1.  Attend a two-day professional development session as part of the first summer institute. (July 29-30, 2013)

One day of this training will be to orient administrators and mentor teachers to the program—what the teachers are learning and how to support them in applying that knowledge. On the second day, you will meet with the teachers, review some of the work they have developed, and begin providing feedback and setting expectations for the coming year.

2.   Provide feedback to beginning teachers through the year and support for incorporating that feedback into classroom practice.

Teacher mentors and administrators will be expected to meet regularly with the beginning teacher, who will have specific topics of conversation and activities assigned for this purpose. In addition, teacher mentors will participate in the monthly video conferences with his or her beginning teacher. Both teacher mentors and administrators are expected to regularly observe the beginning teacher in the classroom, providing feedback and support.

3.  Provide financial support for the beginning teacher to participate in all the professional development sessions. Including, but not limited to:

    • Registration Fee
    • Travel and Lodging Expenses
    • Substitute teacher pay during quarterly session dates
    • University Tuition/Fees

4.  How do I get my beginning teachers involved?

    • Contact your beginning teacher and ask him/her to complete the electronic application.
    • Provide your beginning teacher with the name, email and phone contact information of the building mentor and administrator that will provide support throughout the program.
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