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Approval for Lab Science Credit

Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry course standards have been approved by the State Dept.of Ed for lab science credit. This means that these courses can get lab science credit for OHLAP, college entrance and high school graduation.

In order for this science to count for LAB science, the instructor must have the biology credential on their standard teaching certificate. This does not mean that the non‑lab science credit A & P cannot be offered by schools, just that this is now an option.

Requirements for College Admission Status (Title 70 O.S. § 11‑103.6)

These courses are to be taught by a highly qualified teacher with an Oklahoma Biology teaching certification or Anatomy/Physiology certification. The students should be in the eleventh or twelfth grade or if a sophomore, they should be in a Focused Field of Career Study program. The prerequisite for this course is Biology I with Chemistry being highly recommended. The course should consist of 40% laboratory or fieldwork in order to be considered a lab science. The course will have at a minimum, but may exceed, a duration of 120 hours within a school year (72 hours theory/48 lab hours).

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