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New Health Careers Education Teachers

Personnel File Documentation:

Pursuant to State Rules and Regulations, an application must be kept on file in the Health Careers Education Office for all new instructors.  All new Health Careers Education instructors should complete the Statement of Qualifications.  Submit the Statement of Qualifications, together with:

  • copy of all college transcripts
  • copy of professional credentials
  • copy of any Oklahoma teacher certificate
  • electronic photo in jpg format - head shot
  • current e-mail address at school and at home

to the following HCE staff:

Stella Gilbert, CAP-OM
Health Careers Education
1500 West Seventh Avenue
Stillwater, OK  74074 - 4364
Phone: 405.743.5107
Fax:     405.743.6809

HOSA New Advisor Handbook - 2008

New Teacher Traininig:

HCE New Teacher Attendance Requirements:

Newly hired HCE teachers should attend all New Teacher Workshops offered during the first twelve months of employment.

New Teacher Workshops are typically held for two or three days in July with follow up sessions later in the year.  Teachers and school administration will be notified of the dates and registration information  for 2014 as plans develop.

For more information, contact Stella Gilbert, CAP-OM at 405/743-5107.

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