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Metro Tech Students Speak Out on Creativity

After working with Artist Douglas Elder to build a five-story bridge of string for the 2013 Creativity Forum Nov. 19, Metro Technology Center students were asked "What is creativity? Why did you volunteer to participate in a project like this? What lessons did you learn?"
After doing the same thing for 27 years, I took this chance to do something different. Creativity to me is newness and taking a lifetime opportunity to be a participant.           
- Civil Engineering Student David Colon – Former contractor and business owner

David Colon




I like creating things. And, to have a chance to create on one of biggest stages – I thought ‘Yea!’ My biggest take away from the project? Creativity is HARD work.         
- Architecture Student Ken Higuchi- Senior, Northeast Academy

Ken Higuchi




This was an opportunity to further knowledge in a bigger picture than just using my hands. I learned to be willing to be flexible. Things may not always go as planned.
- Residential Carpentry Student Tosha Wiley- Plans to build her own church


Tosha Wiley





We create to make things easier for people. Being creative is seeing things from a different angle and problem solve – like finding a solution to tangled string.
- Web Design and Video Production Student Shelby Logan - Artist

Shelby Logan





To story - Metro Technology Centers and Creative Oklahoma take artistic partnership to new heights

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