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Career Planning Resources

Not sure how to research an occupation or plan your education to your chosen career? Need some help planning your job-search, like preparing your resume or learning interviewing tips? Here are some resources to help you get started.


Plans of Study

A Plan of Study (POS) provides a tool for you to plot your courses and educational experiences as you pursue a career major. On this site you will find sample plans for each of the 16 Career Clusters and customized plans for many Oklahoma school districts. Check to see if your school has a custom plan for you.

OKCIS- Oklahoma Career Information System

The Oklahoma Career Information System (OKCIS) supports  career exploration, career planning and career decision-making through easy-to-use, straightforward search and sorting utilities. An electronic portfolio for saving information from all system components is also provided. This Internet-based delivery system contains occupational, school, scholarship and financial aid information.

Job Seeker Resources

Career information, occupation information, interviewing skills, licensing and certification information and job boards are just few of the many resources available to help prepare individuals who are seeking a job.

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