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Student Organizations

Oklahoma CareerTech Student Organizations

Making a Difference

Achieve goals through one-of-seven co-curricular CareerTech Student Organizations and the National Technical Honor Society. Each of these organizations is integral to the Oklahoma CareerTech System.

Student organizations provide opportunities for personal growth and scholastic achievement, as well as developing skills in public speaking, planning and organizing.

Members work on various community projects, competitive events, leadership activities, and meet other students who share similar interests. Many students enjoy membership in more than one group.

Where do you see yourself?

View the "Making a Difference" webpage.

BPA - Business Professionals of America

Oklahoma BPA Logo 2014
Business and Information Technology Education
Today’s students. Tomorrow’s business professionals.
2013 officers
Meridian Tech students learning audio recording.

Oklahoma BPA, affiliated with  Business and Information Technology Education, during 2014-2015 . . .

  • 5,484    BPA members
  • 301      Local BPA chapters in high schools and technology center
  • 381      BPA members inducted into National Technical Honor Society

DECA - Marketing Student Organization

Oklahoma DECA
View course offerings in . . . Marketing
DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.
2014 -deca-officers
DECA students

Oklahoma DECA, affiliated with Marketing Education, during 2014-2015. . .

  • 1,987     DECA members
  • 35         Local DECA chapters in high schools and technology centers
  • 38         DECA members inducted into National Technical Honor Society

FCCLA - Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

Oklahoma FCCLA logo
View course offerings in . . . Family and Consumer Sciences Education
The ultimate leadership experience!
FCCLA student chef

Oklahoma FCCLA, affiliated with Family and Consumer Sciences Education, during 2014-2015. . .

  • 11,365     FCCLA members
  • 406         Local FCCLA chapters in junior, senior high schools and technology centers
  • 171         FCCLA members inducted into National Technical Honor Society

FFA - Agriculture Student Organization

View course offerings in . . . Agricultural Education
Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live,living to serve.
FFA student
Oklahoma FFA, affiliated with Agricultural Education, during 2014-2015 . . .
  • 27,164    FFA members
  • 355        Local FFA Chapters in junior and senior high schools
  • 38          FFA members inducted into National Technical Honor Society

HOSA - Health Student Organization

Oklahoma HOSA logo 2015
View course offerings in . . . Health Careers Education
A student-led association of future health professionals.
HOSA students

Oklahoma HOSA, affiliated with Health Careers Education, during 2014-2015 .. .

  • 6,679    HOSA members
  • 266       Local HOSA chapters in high schools and technology centers
  • 828       HOSA members inducted into National Technical Honor Society


Oklahoma SkillsUSA logo
View course offerings in . . . Trade and Industrial Education
Preparing for leadership in the world of work.
SkillsUSA Students

Oklahoma SkillsUSA, affiliated with Trade and Industrial Education, during 2014-2015 . . .

  • 11,987   SkillsUSA members
  • 136        Local SkillsUSA chapters in high schools and technology centers
  • 996        SkillsUSA members inducted into National Technical Honor Society

TSA - Technology Student Association

Oklahoma TSA logo
View TSA course offerings...
Learning to live in a technical world.
2014 -tsa-officers
TSA students

Oklahoma TSA, affiliated with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, during 2014-2015. . .

  • 20,818   TSA members
  • 196        Local TSA chapters in middle and junior high school

NTHS - The National Technical Honor Society

NTHS - National Technical Honor Society logo
Success favors the prepared mind.
Society members and advisor
NTHS students learning from an instructor

Oklahoma NTHS, during 2014-2015 . .

  • 2,756   NTHS members are members of Oklahoma CareerTech Student Organizations
  • 90        Local NTHS chapters in technology centers, high schools, and private schools

To find out more about certain courses or programs in your area contact the nearest Technology Center.

Did You Know?

During 2014-2015 . . .

  • Nearly half of Oklahoma 9th -12th grade students - 82,561 - were enrolled in CareerTech classes.
  • Some 85,484 middle school through adult students were members of at least one Oklahoma CareerTech Student Organization.
  • Oklahoma CareerTech graduates added $3.5 billion annually to the states economy.
  • Courses were offered in 542 middle, junior and senior high schools and 29 technology centers.
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