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Who We Are

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is the national  co-curricular CareerTech Student Organization for Technology Engineering students. TSA was established in 1978 as the American Industrial Arts Students Association (AIASA), and changed its name in 1988.

WHAT WE ARE: TSA is an integral part of CareerTech's Technology Engineering programs and is utilized to provide students the opportunity for personal growth and development of leadership skills. The competitive events provide the students with "practical, hands-on" experiences.

NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP: Since 1978, National TSA has grown to more than 158,000 high school, middle school, and elementary students in 1,666 chapters in 42 states, Germany, and Scotland.

OKLAHOMA MEMBERSHIP: More than 7,600 Oklahoma middle and high school students, 5th-12th grade, are members of Oklahoma TSA in more than 175 school systems.

WHAT DOES TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING PROVIDE TO STUDENTS? Students enrolled in Technology Engineering classes have the opportunity for daily hands-on experiences that help them become technologically literate and explore career opportunities, and identify the educational avenues to pursue their interests.

WHAT DO STUDENTS DO IN TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING? Students enrolled in technology classes gain hands on experience in a variety of high-tech career fields. These include: Aerospace, keyboarding and computer assembly, problem solving, research and design, radio/tv production, graphics/image processing, bio-technology, environmental impact studies, alternative energy, elctronics/fiber optics, structural engineering, lasers/holography, and robotics.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A TSA MEMBER? TSA membership provides technology engineering students an opportunity to participate in challenging, education and FUN activities. The students gain prestige and recognition through state and national contests and awards. The benefits of TSA membership include:

*Student Leadership - students elect local chapter officers to establish chapter priorities and activities.

*Contact with business - competitive events and classroom speakers provide students with a connection to the world of business and industry.

*Students receive national recognition - through the achievement program which recognizes student achievements in community, school, and volunteer activities.

*Teaches Civic Responsibility - a national service project award allows chapters to volunteer their efforts to help with a national concern.

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