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Fall Leadership Conference

Fall Leadership Conference


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SWOSU at Weatherford - Oct.9, 2013




9:00 am        Registration, Fine Arts Auditorium Lobby

9:30 am        Opening Session, Fine Arts Auditorium

10:15 am      Officer Workshops

-Grand Slam to Communication

-Conference Center, Redbud Hall

-Ready, Set, Compete

-Conference Center, Sunflower Room


-Fine Arts Center

-Officer Leadership Responsibility Hunter

-Technology Brick Building, Rm 207

-Digging Deep For Leadership

-Technology Stone Building, 121

-Running for Office

-Fine Arts Center Lobby

-Ashlee Shryock, Past state/national officer

10:45 am        Leadership Workshops

-Conference Center (Attend this session if you were in the Redbud Hall                         or Sunflower Room during the officer workshops)

-Fine Arts Auditorium (Attend this session if you were in the Fine                    Arts                        Center or one of the Technology Buildings during officer workshops)

11:45 am         Closing Keynote, Fine Arts Auditorium

12:30 pm         Officer Inspiration

1:00 pm           Conference Adjourned

NSU at Tahlequah - Oct. 10, 2013




9:00 am          Registration, University Center 2nd Floor

9:30 am          Opening Session, Performing Arts Center

10:15 am        Officer Workshops, University Center

-Grand Slam to Communication

-Ballroom A&B, 2nd Floor

-Ready, Set, Compete

-Morgan, 3rd Floor


-Ballroom C, 2nd Floor

-Officer Leadership Responsibility Hunter

-Ballroom Lounge, 2nd Floor

-Digging Deep for Leadership

-Room 225-226, 2nd Floor

-Running for Office

-Room 222, 2nd Floor

-Jaycee Bauer, past state officer

10:45 am             Leadership Workshops

-Ballroom A – Yellow dots

-Ballroom C – Orange dots

11:45 am             Closing Keynote, Ballroom A-C

12:30 pm             Officer Inspiration

1:00 pm               Conference Adjourned


Cost of $10 per student (no cost for advisors or chaperones)
Registration will be Sept. 16-27, 2013.  (There will be no cancellation after Sept. 27.  Any registration accepted after Sept. 27 will be at a cost of $15 per student)






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