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Fall Leadership Conference

Fall Leadership Conference




Cost of $15 per student (no cost for advisors or chaperones)
Registration will be Sept. 1-27, 2016.  (There will be no cancellation after Sept. 27, what students you have in the registration will be billed to your school).  Any registration accepted September 28-October 6 will be at a cost of $20 per student.


Please make  PO's out to:


Oklahoma TSA

1500 West Seventh Avenue

Stillwater, OK  74074


If you have questions about your schools invoice please contact


October 5, 2016
SWOSU - Weatherford



 9:00 am         Registration

 9:30 am         Opening Session

 9:30 am         Advisor Meeting

10:15 am        Leadership Session

11:30 am        Closing Session with Keynote speaker

1:00 pm          Conference Adjourned



October 6, 2016
NSU - Tahlequah



8:30 am         Display booths (competition, officer promotion, and tshirt)

9:00 am         Registration

 9:30 am        Opening Session

 9:30 am        Advisor Meeting

10:15 am       Leadership Session

11:30 am       Closing Session with Keynote speaker

1:00 pm         Conference Adjourned

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