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Spotlight Sessions

Monday, Aug. 3, 2-3:30 p.m.

Tulsa Cox Convention Center

Attendees will have the opportunity to choose one of five dynamic featured sessions that are sure to motivate, educate and inspire! Each “Spotlight Session” is scheduled to last 90 minutes. Please check back for final line-up of spotlight sessions!

Spotlight Session #1
Conference Hall B-G (First Floor)

Debbie Silver Photo

Debbie Silver

Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8: Teaching Kids to Succeed (Handout)

Do you ever ask yourself, “Just how am I supposed to motivate these kids?” The real question, of course, is how do we get them to motivate themselves? Based on extensive research for her new book, Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8: Teaching Kids to Succeed, Dr. Debbie Silver offers surprising new findings about fundamental ways we can change our teaching practices to help kids become self-motivated. Come prepared to have your thinking challenged and receive a multitude of strategies that help learners develop internal motivation and resiliency.


Spotlight Session #2
Tulsa Ballroom B (North End - First Floor)

 Kevin Honeycutt Photo

Kevin Honeycutt

Trends, Tools and Tactics for 21st Century Learning

This Spotlight Session takes a fun look at the exciting things that happen when educators step outside their boxes and try new tools. It reinforces the importance of relationships while encouraging teachers to become learners again through positive examples of student success.

Spotlight Session #3
Conference Hall A (First Floor)

Jim Stovall Photo 

Jim Stovall

"Yes You Can!"

You will laugh and you will cry, but you will never be the same after hearing Jim Stovall’s riveting speech. 

He will give you a new vision of what you can achieve as he leads you through his own personal journey in life. Having lost his sight at a young age, Jim Stovall rose above this seemingly insurmountable obstacle to fulfill his dreams as a national champion Olympic weightlifter, the President of the Emmy Award winning Narrative Television Network, and a highly sought after author and platform speaker. 

Jim Stovall will change your life by changing your mind, making it possible for you to follow in his footsteps to achieve your ultimate potential.

Spotlight Session #4
Assembly Hall (Second Floor)

Sam Glenn Photo

Sam Glenn

The Gift of Attitude – Creating Exceptional Experiences for Others

Every day, we choose the face of our attitude and give it away through the experiences we create for others: customers, co-workers, strangers, associates, employees, family, and friends. This speech highlights how to use your attitude to connect with others and create a meaningful gift that makes others feel remarkable, recognized and valued.

If you are in the business of creating positive experiences for customers and making a difference, this presentation is all about using your gifts and a positive attitude to make a positive impact.

The Gift of Attitude Focuses on…

  • Being Customer Focused – Customer Service is Everyone’s Job
  • Being Leadership Focused – Engaging Others to Live Up to Their Potential.
  • Being Team Focused – Working and Communicating in a Way that Makes Progress Possible
  • Being the Difference – our attitude is our message, our culture, our leadership – it is what people know us and and remember us for
  • Being Family Focused – Your family always deserves your best.
  • Being You Focused – when you get better as a person, you have more to give and have increased contribution power.

Spotlight Session #5
Tulsa Ballroom A (North End - First Floor)


Corinne L. Hoisington

Creativity Through Transformed Teaching

Warning: This workshop is designed for teachers who can handle extreme excitement and transformation.

So technology in our classroom is not a passing fad and is here to stay. In fact it is driving education inexorably toward changing the way we teach, learn and operate. Engage students in diverse learning opportunities by leveraging relevant technologies. Through a pedagogy centered on creative inquiry and active learning. Learn to empower students to take an active role in their classrooms and foster a lifelong love of learning. This “500-foot view” of the technology landscape will give you a preview of how these trends will affect you, your students and your school today and into the future! See real live examples of free teaching technologies that you can use on Monday!

Updated 6/2/15

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