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CareerTech System

Oklahoma’s Career and Technology Education System is focused on developing a world-class workforce. This comprehensive system delivers educational experiences through 393 K-12 school districts, 29 technology center districts, 16 Skills Centers sites and 31 adult basic education providers and to more than 6,900 businesses.

CareerTech’s goal is to improve Oklahoma’s economy by providing individuals with the training and skills necessary to be successful in the workplace and by providing companies with the required workforce to compete globally.

  • Oklahoma CareerTech System graduates add more than $3.5 billion annually to the state's economy.*
  • Oklahoma CareerTech annual enrollments totaled 558,007 in FY18.
  • Nearly half (86,131) of Oklahoma ninth- through 12th-grade students were enrolled in CareerTech classes in FY18.
  • Business and Industry enrollments totaled 366,282 in FY18.
  • Oklahoma CareerTech Skills Centers offered specialized occupational training to 2,037 adult and juvenile offenders in FY18.
  • Student placement was 94 percent in FY17.

*Cost-Benefit Analysis of CareerTech Career Majors - Lifetime Income Gains and the Impact on the Oklahoma Economy. A study prepared by: Mark C. Snead, Ph.D. March 2013




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