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Business and Industry Training

Employers and employees obtain training in the industry-specific and existing industry, adult and career development, and the Training for Industry Program (TIP).

FY19 Businesses Served

During FY18, 6,948 businesses were served with 366,282 enrollments in the CareerTech system's business and industry training programs offered by Oklahoma's technology centers. These programs are primarily in three different categories: industry-specific and existing industry, adult and career development, and the Training for Industry Program (TIP).

Customized, On-Demand Training

Industry-specific and existing industry training programs are customized to fit the needs of businesses or industries already located in Oklahoma. They can be offered either at a technology center or on site at a business or industry. The programs prepare employees to operate new equipment or emerging technology or to meet the changing demographics of the workforce. Training can range from three hours to several hundred hours. One particularly successful program in this arena is safety training. Results of this training have been impressive in dramatically reducing workplace injuries, and as a result, saving millions of dollars in workers' compensation premiums for Oklahoma companies.

Adult and Career Development

Adult and career development programs, usually short-term programs held in the evenings at technology centers, offer continuing education to Oklahomans needing to upgrade or expand current work skills. While these courses may not be customized to meet a specific company's needs, companies often fund the training because it results in better-prepared employees.

Training for Industry Program (TIP)

The Training for Industry Program (TIP) is designed specifically to meet the employee training needs of new or expanding industries. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce lists TIP as one of the most valuable weapons in its arsenal of economic development incentives. Once companies decide to locate here, CareerTech representatives work one-on-one with them to design and deliver the best start-up training programs available anywhere. Customized services include job analysis, pre-employment training, pre-production training, instructional materials and development, and assessment of training needs. And, best of all, this training is free. It can be offered on site at a business or industry or at a technology center.

Business and Industry Approved

In a recent random-sample survey of 300 employers, Oklahoma's business and industry gave a rousing "thumbs-up" to CareerTech's services to business and industry. More than a third of the employers surveyed said they had taken advantage of CareerTech training or hired CareerTech graduates, and every single one of them said they would do it again.

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