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DAMS - Delivery Arms

File CareerTech System Power Point FY2011
File CareerTech System Power Point Show FY2011
File Troff document CareerTech System Power Point-2012
File CareerTech System Power Point Show 2012
File PDF document K-12 School District Programs Map
Image JPEG image CareerTech Delivery Arms
CareerTech Delivery Arms are: Adult Basic Education, Skills Centers, PK-12 School Districts, Business and Industry, and Technology Centers
Image JPEG image Oklahoma's CareerTech System Overview
Shows a visual of the Oklahoma CareerTech Education System.
Image PNG image CareerTech Systems Enrollments
FY19 CareerTech Systems Enrollments
Image PNG image CTSO Enrollments
CareerTech Student Organization Enrollments for FY 20: 10,352 FCCLA; 8,321 HOSA; 14,855 SkillsUSA; 18,004 TSA; 1,806 DECA; 6,599 BPA; and 26,465 FFA enrollments
Image PNG image Technology Centers Enrollments
FY 20 Technology Centers Enrollments: 47,825 Adult and Career Development; 9,653 Secondary Students in Career Programs; 4,030 Training for Industry; 22,272 Adults in Career Programs; and 226,505 Industry-Specific Training enrollments
Image PNG image Businesses Served
Businesses Served by CareerTech in FY 2020: 703 Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network; 360 Entrepreneurial Development; 2,055 Safety; 3,887 Customized Industry; 25 Training for Industry Programs; 248 Firefighter Training; and 1,072 Adult and Career Development businesses
Image text/texmacs Skills Centers Enrollments
CareerTech Skills Centers FY 19 entrollments: 1,048 full-time students served; 861 short-term students served; 159 partner program students served; 637 full-time completed students; 90.93% positive placement; and $12.97 average hourly wage
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