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Interactive Data

Fast Facts
Tech Center Profiles - District Overview
This page displays technology center locations, district populations, partner schools, and total enrollment data.
Tech Center Profiles - Financial Data
This page displays the revenues and expenditure data.
Tech Center Profiles - Full-Time Program Data
This page displays the full-time program enrollment statistics.
Tech Center Profiles - Business & Industry Services Data
This page displays the Business & Industry Services course and enrollment statistics.
State Programs by Tech Center District & Campus
CareerTech Programs in PK-12 School Districts
Skills Center Programs
Tech Center Feeder Schools
OKCareerGuide Dashboard
In August of 2015, Oklahoma CareerTech implemented OK Career Guide – an easy online tool for all Oklahoma students, adults, veterans, parents, educators and employers to explore and guide their future. You can take assessments, identify occupations, establish education plans and, ultimately, connect to employers.
2020-2021 Courses & Pathways
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