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Tech Center Profiles

Tech Center Profiles - Temporarily Unavailable

Tech Center Profiles are being updated and will be available soon. We appreciate your patience as we restructure to provide you with better quality information.

New/updated features:

  • Interactive trend data will be available for the past 4 years (year 5 to be added next year).
  • More up-to-date information will be provided. Sections of information will be updated as data is finalized.  For example, enrollments and demographics will be available for FY17 through FY20, and program outcomes will be available in June 2021 for FY20 enrollments. 
  • Clearer information and instructions will be provided for each section of the profile.
If you have questions regarding the new Tech Center Profile structure or data, please contact the Information Management Division Manager at 405-743-6882.
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