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Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives


Values:  Create and Promote a systemic culture that values diversity and inclusion.

A. Enrich CareerTech’s perspectives regarding diversity and inclusion.

  1. Implement strategies to enhance cultural awareness (e.g., See Cultural Awareness Calendar link).
  2. Provide weekly in-house diversity training seminars for all CareerTech employees.
  3. Provide guidance or oversee diversity training seminars for the CareerTech system.
  4. Develop and publicly present awards for CareerTech employees, students, and student organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

 B. Inform CareerTech Staff of Multicultural Programs in the community.

  1. Utilize social media and email to post all known community multicultural events.
  2. Link multicultural events with the Cultural Awareness calendar.

C. Foster outreach, service, and partnerships with diverse communities.

  1. Establish a CareerTech presence at the annual Oklahoma State University Diversity Hall of Fame Banquet.
  2. Establish symposiums with diverse business owners and leaders throughout Oklahoma.

D. Implement strategies to ensure recruitment and retention practices/policies reflect a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  1. Implement and evaluate best practices for recruiting, retaining, and advancing all CareerTech employees, students, student organizations, and customers.
  2. Review and revise institutional policies/practices, curricular programs, and co-curricular programs to ensure promotion of diversity and inclusion annually.


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