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Our Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to welcoming, respecting, and celebrating the unique attributes of our personnel, customers, and communities.

We recognize the value that diversity contributes to our system and the competitive advantage we can maintain by having a broad range of talents, perspectives, and ideas with a commitment to continuously improve our business.

Color pencils and pens and brushesTechnology Centers

We believe that each and every Technology Center brings valuable talents to our students and communities, and we have a commitment to:

  • Recruiting, hiring, training, and promoting qualified personnel with diverse backgrounds
  • Educating everyone on the importance of diversity and its impact on our business through our diversity goals and commitment to treat everyone with respect policy
  • Recognizing the value and importance of our personnel's diverse attributes
  • Providing benefits to support a diverse workforce and its needs

For our Customers

All of our customers deserve great service. At CareerTech, we:

  • Welcome all customers to our agency, tech centers, and affiliated schools regardless of age, sex, economic status, nationality, color, or beliefs
  • Treat each customer with the same respect we show our personnel
  • Provide exceptional customer service to everyone who visits CareerTech

For our Communities

Through grants, internships, and sponsorships, CareerTech supports widely diverse programs and organizations. Visit the CareerTech web sites and learn more about CareerTech's commitment to our communities.

Our System

As part of CareerTech's Commitment to Diversity, we recognize that our workforce is varied and diverse. The talents and skills of every CareerTech staff member are vitally important to our system. Read below for our workplace statistics.

Workplace Statistics

Diversity encompasses much more than demographic categories for the CareerTech System. Understanding our demographics will help us benchmark and develop recommendations for future success. The information below provides a snapshot of our students, customers, and outreach efforts.

  • More than 63% of our Technology Centers' staff are from diverse backgrounds
  • 42% of our overall management is made up of the multicultural and female staff
  • Over 10% more women work at CareerTech

Benefits to Support a Diverse Workforce

  • Flexible time
  • Day care assistance
  • Family health care coverage
  • Wellness programs
  • Education assistance

Where We Are From

95770397.jpgAt CareerTech, our diverse system includes staff and partners from every corner of the globe.

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