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  • Mr. RL Beaty, Retired, Oklahoma CareerTech
  • Dr. Phil Berkenbile, Retired, Oklahoma CareerTech
  • Mr. Kent Burris, Assistant Superintendent, Central Tech
  • Ms. Lisa Eden, Internal Auditor, Tulsa Technology Center
  • Ms. Charlotte Edwards, Retired, OkACTE
  • Dr. Tom Friedemann, Superintendent, Francis Tuttle
  • Dr. Fern Green-Bowling, Retired, Oklahoma CareerTech
  • Mr. Dwight Hughes, Superintendent, High Plains Technology Center
  • Mr. Brent Kisling, Executive Director, Oklahoma Department of Commerce
  • Ms. Jodi Lewis, Director Legislative Affairs, Oklahoma Municipal League
  • Dr. Marcie Mack, State Director of CareerTech
  • Ms. Susan McGregor, BIS Instructional Services Coordinator, Canadian Valley Technology Center
  • Dr. Roy Peters, Retired, Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence
  • Mr. Greg Pierce, Retired, Pontotoc Technology Center
  • Ms. LaMecia Stidham, Leadership and PD Manager, Oklahoma CareerTech
  • Mr. Doug Tapp, Executive Director, AGC

Updated 04/30/2019


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