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Certification Initiatives – Transcripting and A-F School Grading System

Initiative Summary:

CareerTech’s education and industry partners want assurance that CareerTech graduates have attained the skills and knowledge needed to take the next steps in their academic and work experiences.

  • Senate Bill 497 requires school districts to report on the high school transcript performance levels on end-of-instructions tests and any business- and industry-recognized endorsements.
  • House Bill 2494 in 2011 expanded the state’s A-F School Grading System to provide incentives to schools for challenging all students to reach high levels of college and career readiness. In this bill, students will be rewarded for both participation in a course that leads to an approved industry certification and for attainment of that industry certification.

Role of CareerTech:

For nearly three decades, the CareerTech Testing Center has provided end-of-program and career major assessments to verify students’ knowledge and skills. A comprehensive listing of these assessments as well as all industry certifications available to CareerTech students is available to guide instructors and students in selecting the most credible and appropriate measures of their skills. This list can be found at:
The business- and industry-recognized endorsements that will be reported on the transcript and approved for bonus points in A-F School Grading System have been approved by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education using the following criteria: (1) standardized, (2) independently graded, (3) knowledge-based, (4) proctored, (5) recognized and/or endorsed industry organization, association or government agency.
Data related to the acquisition of these certifications will also be captured in follow-up. All other assessments identified in the link above are aligned with state or national standards whenever possible.


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