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What you need to know

Have a question about how to prepare a job? Want to know how to make the process faster, cheaper and better? Check here for an answer to your question. If it's not here, just call or email us.

1. Can you advise me about the artwork I need?

Yes, we can. When you bring your project to Creative Services, we will sit down and discuss who your audience is, what you want to say to them and the best way to achieve your desired result. We can then advise you about design, art, photography, paper, deadlines, etc.

2. What do you need from me when I give you a job?

Have your information organized and complete when you turn in the job to make it go faster. Tell us your deadline, type of paper, type of binding, number of copies, etc.

Have your text as complete as possible when you submit it to Creative Services. It saves time and reduces other problems. For example, when we make type changes, the text reflows and changes the layout, text breaks, hyphenation, etc. Making changes also increases the number of times your job has to go through proofing. Your job will cost less when the copy is close to its final form (not in the works) and the pieces of the job (photos, graphs, logos, etc.) are brought in at the time the job is submitted.

You can send your text to our editor to work out the final copy before designers begin the job.

Be sure to run spell-check before you submit copy to import or typeset. Double-check the spelling of all proper names.

3. What kind of photos do I need?

Submit clear, sharp photos with the subject the focus of your picture. Do not shoot with a low-resolution digital camera or use copies from the Internet. Make sure that your photos are legally available for use -- that someone else does not own the copyright and has not given you permission to use them. If the photos belong to someone else and that person has given you permission to use them, get it in writing.

4. When should I submit a project?

Submit work far enough in advance to allow time for artwork, typesetting, editing/proofreading and printing. Know when you need to have the finished product in your hands and work backwards to know when deadlines for each step should be. Make sure we know all of those deadlines as well. Be sure to include extra time to allow for other projects that may also be in the works. If we are very busy or printing is extra busy, your project may not be first in line.

5. Can I send someone else to bring my project to you?

You can, of course, but it's better to bring your job in yourself so you can answer our questions. When we work with the decision maker, we can complete the project faster with fewer revisions. Be sure we can contact you while we are working on your project. If we need approval and you are gone, we may need to wait until you return to complete your project.

6. How long will it take to get my finished product?

A lot of that depends on you and how many revisions you have before your project goes to printing. When the Print Plant receives your job, however, you can expect the job to be completed in 10 work days. If your project is on a tighter deadline, talk with the printing manager before beginning.

7. My project has some extra details. How will this affect the timeline?

Check with Creative Services or the print plant if your project will need any services that might delay delivery. Please notify us in advance if your project requires any unusual treatment such as die cut, numbering, foiling, etc. If you have any questions, please check with us before submitting your materials for print.

8. I got the printer's proof, but I'm not happy with it. I want to move this photo to the top of the page, and that logo to the next page, and I don't like the text. Can I change it?

The printer's proof is a check for printer's errors only. The time to catch typos, change your text and make design changes is before you sign the art approval form. If you make these types of revisions to the printer's proof, it will cost you money.

9. How can I find out when I will get the finished product?

Call us to get the job number before checking with the Print Plant about your job's status. We may be able to tell you the status and save you an additional call.

10. Anything else I need to know?

Probably. One thing is that Creative Services must ensure that people are not stereotyped in ODCTE publications. Ask ODCTE's education equity specialist for a pamphlet on equity requirements.

If you have other questions not addressed here, just call or email and ask.

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