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Education and Training

Featured products and free samples to download

CIMC supports instructors and programs in the Education and Training career cluster by providing a variety of instructional materials, ranging from career exploration to occupational preparation. Some of our related resources are featured below. Many others are available. To learn more, or to order any of these materials, contact our customer service department at 800.654.4502 or by e-mail, or use our online catalog.


Teachers as Advisors for Secondary and Postsecondary Students

advisorscover.jpgTeachers as Advisors is a useful resource for teachers who take on the role of an advisor. Topics include parent conferences, interpreting PLAN results, computing GPA, career clusters, financial aid, developing plans of study, work-based learning, and more.

Teachers as Advisors covers the following Education and Training pathways:

  • Professional Support Services
  • Teaching/Training

We are offering sections 1 and 2, "Getting Started" and "Advisor Training," as a free sample to download.

Teachers as Advisors, Sections 1 and 2 (PDF file, 561 KB)


Substitute Teacher Toolbox

toolboxcover.gifCIMC's Substitute Teacher Toolbox is designed to provide administrators, resource centers, and substitute teachers with activities that can be used if a permanent teacher must be away from the classroom.

Substitute Teacher Toolbox is a collection of activities on a wide range of topics that would be appropriate for use in almost any classroom setting. These activities may help a substitute teacher who would not be able to carry out the original lesson plans because of a lack of technical expertise or because they are unfamiliar with the subject matter. Permanent classroom teachers may also use these exercises as a break from, or as a supplement to, regular lesson plans.

Substitute Teacher Toolbox covers the Teaching/Training pathway in the Education and Training cluster.

Keys to Employability Poster

poster.jpgOur popular "Keys to Employability" poster displays eight areas of employability skills. It is a convenient and eye-catching way to remind students that employers not only expect them to be technically competent, but they also expect skills such as communication, initiative, customer service attitude, and more.

Online Competency Testing

Our Testing division offers online competency tests for several different careers in the Education and Training cluster.

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