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Health Science cluster

Featured products and free samples to download

CIMC supports instructors and programs in the Health Science career cluster by providing a variety of instructional materials, ranging from career exploration to occupational preparation. Some of our related resources are featured below. Many others are available. To learn more, or to order any of these materials, contact our customer service department at 800.654.4502 or by e-mail, or use our online catalog.


Practical Nursing Series: Fundamentals of Nursing

NursingFundamentalsCoverFundamentals of Nursing adheres to the revised objectives approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. This text provides a basic overview of fundamental skills that the practical nursing student needs in order to be successfully employed in today’s healthcare setting. Fundamentals of Nursing is designed to teach the nursing student basic nursing skills and the ability to apply their knowledge to prepare for the NCLEX-PN. The student edition is printed in full color and includes a glossary and suggested activities. The teacher edition is done in a wrap-around format and is also printed in color.

Units include:

  • Skills for Wound Care
  • Respiratory Care Skills
  • Digestive Care Skills (Upper)
  • Digestive Care Skills (Lower/Bowel Elimination)
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Urinary Care Skills
  • Skills for Applying Heat and Cold
  • Mobility
  • Plan of Care
  • Skills for Admitting, Transferring, and Discharging Patients
  • Documentation Skills
  • Assessment Skills
  • Therapeutic Procedures and Surgery
  • Skills for Care of the Dying Patient
  • Skills for Patients Experiencing Grief and Loss
  • Skills for Managing Pain
  • Skills for Geriatric Care
  • Phlebotomy Skills

We are offering module 2, “Respiratory Care Skills,” as a free sample for you to download, as well as a crosswalk of Fundamentals of Nursing to the NCLEX-PN 2011 Test Plan..

Respiratory Care Skills, Student Edition (PDF file, 778 KB)
Fundamentals of Nursing crosswalk with the NCLEX-PN 2011 Test Plan (Word file, 104 KB)


"Did You Know" PowerPoint

didyouknowppt.jpgWhat early medical test required the patient to have both hands and both feet in buckets of water? How much does a human eyeball weigh? Where did the expression "mad as a hatter" come from? This PowerPoint is full of fun and interesting facts related to health careers. It is set to run automatically and to loop continuously.

"Did You Know" for Health Careers Education (PowerPoint 93-97 file, 7.59 MB)


Practical Nursing Series: Nursing Concepts, Revised Edition

NursingConceptsCoverOur Nursing Concepts curriculum focuses on use of nursing concepts by practical nurses who provide client care and collaborate with other members of the health care team. Modules emphasize concepts of learning, communication, and teamwork in nursing, human development and health promotion, professionalism, nursing ethics and law, and the changing dynamics in health care delivery systems. The curriculum in Nursing Concepts aligns with NCLEX-PN detailed test plan objectives. Nursing Concepts has been revised to include a new module, "Concepts of Safety and Asepsis."

Unit titles in Nursing Concepts include:

  • Concepts of Learning
  • Concepts of Communication
  • Concepts of Teamwork
  • Concepts of Human Development
  • Concepts of Health Promotion
  • Concepts of Professionalism
  • Concepts of Nursing Ethics and Law
  • Concepts of Health Care Systems
  • Concepts of Safety and Asepsis

We are offering unit 1, "Concepts of Learning," as a free sample for you to download.

Concepts of Learning, Teacher Edition (PDF file, 1.7 MB)
Concepts of Learning, Student Edition (PDF file, 1.4 MB)


Practical Nursing Series: Pharmacology and Intravenous Therapy Skills

pharmcover.jpgOur updated Practical Nursing Series include features such as key terms, glossary, “for your information” and “tip” features, multiple-choice tests, learning activities and applications, answers and grading rubrics, wraparound teacher editions, suggested activities, online resources, resource bibliographies, and more. Pharmacology and Intravenous Therapy Skills is available in full color and includes the following modules:

  • Calculating Medication
  • Researching Medication
  • Administering Medication
  • Administering Injections
  • Understanding IV Therapy
  • Initiating IV Therapy
  • Maintaining IV Therapy
  • IV Medication Administration and Specialized IV Care

We are offering Module 3, "Administering Medication," as a free sample for you to download.

Administering Medication, Student Edition (PDF file, 2.34 MB)


Medical Learning Activities I
Medical Learning Activities II

mlacover.gifThese CDs consist of short, theme-based modules in areas including infectious diseases, forensics, communication in health care, diagnostic care, etc. Some activities are based on popular media, such as Grossology books and software and Emergency Room software. The modules are presented as full color PDF files to be printed by the teacher or student, and are appropriate for students in health academies and middle school or higher grades.

Medical Learning Activities covers the Therapeutic Services pathway in the Health Science cluster.

We are offering Days 1 and 2 from the "Crime Scene Investigation" activity as a free sample to download.

"Crime Scene Investigation," Teacher Guide (PDF file, 1.16 MB)
"Crime Scene Investigation," Student Workbook (PDF file, 3.79 MB)


Medication Administration Technician (MAT) and
MAT Update

matcover.gifMedication Administration Technician (MAT) is intended for direct contact staff who administer medication to residents in licensed residential care facilities and in licensed group homes, and who must satisfactorily complete training in medication administration.

Medication Administration Technician Update is for those who need updated training hours. Topics include infection control, administering medications, vital signs, legal issues and residents' rights, preparing for medical emergencies, charting medication administration, and resident care. It includes a CD with PowerPoint presentation over mental health sections and links to useful Internet sources.

Medication Administration Technician and Medication Administration Technician Update cover the Therapeutic Services pathway in the Health Science cluster:


HOSA: Learn, Grow, Become

This publication for HOSA students covers topics such as HOSA activities, parliamentary procedure, becoming a HOSA leader, giving presentations, and making a difference.

HOSA: Learn, Grow Become covers the following Health Science pathways:

  • Therapeutic Services
  • Diagnostics Services
  • Health Informatics
  • Support Services
  • Biotechnology Research and Development


Surgical Technology Series

spcover.gifOur Surgical Technology Series inclues the following titles: Anatomy & Physiology, Introduction to Surgical Technology, Surgical Procedures, and Surgical Techniques. Interactive tests and flash cards are also available.

Titles in the Surgical Technology Series cover the Therapeutic Services pathway in the Health Science cluster.

We are offering Introduction to Surgical Technology module 1-B, "Environmental Safety," as a sample for you to download.

Environmental Safety, Student Guide (PDF file, 466 KB)


Online Competency Testing

Our Testing division offers online competency tests for several different careers in the Health Science cluster.

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