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Manufacturing Cluster

Featured products and free samples to download.

CIMC supports instructors and programs in the Manufacturing career cluster by providing a variety of instructional materials, ranging from career exploration to occupational preparation. Some of our related resources are featured below. Many others are available. To learn more, or to order any of these materials, contact our customer service department at 800.654.4502 or by e-mail, or use our online catalog.


Gas Tungsten Arc Welding & Plasma Arc Cutting

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Plasma Arc Cutting introdgtawcover.jpguces shielding gases and the non-consumable tungsten electrode. Job sheets cover fillet and groove welds on all joints in all positions. The unit on plasma arc cutting unit covers both standard and water-cooled systems. This curriculum is aligned to AWS national standards.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Plasma Arc Cutting covers the Production pathway in the Manufacturing cluster.

Download the Welding Duty/Task Crosswalk to see how this curriculum aligns to State of Oklahoma/AWS standards.

Welding Duty/Task Crosswalk (PDF file, 67 KB)


Online Competency Testing

Our Testing division offers online competency tests for several different careers in the Manufacturing cluster.

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