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Download samples of our newest products

Watch this page for updates and samples of our newest products! Featured products may not yet be available in our warehouse - contact our customer service department at 800.654.4502 for prices and availability.

Basic Wiring

BasicWiringCover.jpgAdded 09.30.11

The newest title in the Electrical Wiring Series, Basic Wiring reflects 2011 NEC requirements, and is required for students who go on to study either Residential or Commercial/Industrial Wiring.

Topics covered include: Occupational introduction, general safety and first aid, electrical safety, related math and measuring, hand tools, powered/specialty tools and equipment, using trade information, basic equipment, basic theory, AC and DC circuits, wiring methods, conductions, low-voltage wiring, overcurrent protection, load centers, and existing structures.

We are offering unit 11, "AC Circuits," as a free sample for you to download.

AC Circuits, Student Guide (PDF file, 2.65 MB)
AC Circuits, Student Workbook (PDF file, 3.71 MB)


Best of the Web: Internet Sites and Resources for Education, Training, and Professional Development

BestOfTheWebCoverAdded 08.26.11

The 7th edition of our popular resource for teachers and students, Best of the Web features websites and activities for using the internet in the classroom, divided by cluster area. We often distribute this resource in print form for free at exhibits of our curriculum. It can also be purchased in packages of 10.

Best of the Web (PDF file, 1.43 MB)


Advertising and Design

AdvertisingAndDesignCoverAdded 08.10.11

This new curriculum will introduce students to the exciting field of advertising and design! Upon completion of Advertising and Design, each student will have a portfolio showcasing their work, including (but not limited to) print ads, logos, menus, 2D and 3D product labels and Web banners. Advertising and Design prepares the student for a successful career in this creative and challenging field!

Units include:

  • Introduction to Advertising and Design
  • File Types, Uses and Management
  • Getting Started
  • Legal Issues and Copyright Laws
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Typography
  • Color Principles
  • Advertising Strategies and Branding
  • Page Layout
  • Vector Illustration
  • Raster Imaging
  • Project Management
  • Web Portfolio

We are offering unit 10, "Vector Illustration," as a free sample for you to download.

Vector Illustration, Student Guide (PDF file, 1.37 MB)
Vector Illustration, Student Workbook (PDF file, 3.63 MB)


Practical Nursing Series: Fundamentals of Nursing

NursingFundamentalsCoverAdded 07.11.11

Fundamentals of Nursing adheres to the revised objectives approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. This text provides a basic overview of fundamental skills that the practical nursing student needs in order to be successfully employed in today’s healthcare setting. Fundamentals of Nursing is designed to teach the nursing student basic nursing skills and the ability to apply their knowledge to prepare for the NCLEX-PN. The student edition is printed in full color and includes a glossary and suggested activities. The teacher edition is done in a wrap-around format and is also printed in color.

Units include:

  • Skills for Wound Care
  • Respiratory Care Skills
  • Digestive Care Skills (Upper)
  • Digestive Care Skills (Lower/Bowel Elimination)
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Urinary Care Skills
  • Skills for Applying Heat and Cold
  • Mobility
  • Plan of Care
  • Skills for Admitting, Transferring, and Discharging Patients
  • Documentation Skills
  • Assessment Skills
  • Therapeutic Procedures and Surgery
  • Skills for Care of the Dying Patient
  • Skills for Patients Experiencing Grief and Loss
  • Skills for Managing Pain
  • Skills for Geriatric Care
  • Phlebotomy Skills

We are offering module 2, “Respiratory Care Skills,” as a free sample for you to download, as well as a crosswalk of Fundamentals of Nursing to the NCLEX-PN 2011 Test Plan..

Respiratory Care Skills, Student Edition (PDF file, 778 KB)
Fundamentals of Nursing crosswalk with the NCLEX-PN 2011 Test Plan (Word file, 104 KB)


Introduction to Horticulture

hort coverAdded 05.19.11

Introduction to Horticulture is based on the competencies set by the Division of Agricultural Education at the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Students typically take this course after completing Introduction to Agriscience, also known as Agricultural Education I. This product features a full-color student and teacher edition. The activities and assignments are included along with PowerPoints® and tests in Word® and ExamView® formats on a Teacher Resource CD (AG 8030). Each teacher edition is packaged with a color wheel and Hummert's Helpful Hints guide.

Units include:

  • Introduction to Horticulture
  • Safety Fundamentals
  • Chemical Safety
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Growing Facilities
  • Plant Structures
  • Plant Functions
  • Plant Growth Media
  • Fertilizers and Nutrients
  • Greenhouse Watering
  • Plant Propagation
  • Deciduous and Evergreen Plants
  • Cultural Practices for Trees and Shrubs
  • Plant Pests and Treatment
  • Landscape Design
  • Indoor Plant Care
  • Floral Design

Introduction to Horticulture is in the Plant and Soil Science pathway in the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Cluster. We are offering unit 5, "Growing Facilities," as a free sample for you to download.

Growing Facilities, Student Edition (PDF file, 1.3 MB)


Practical Nursing Series: Nursing Concepts, Revised Edition

NursingConceptsCoverAdded 01.28.11

Our Nursing Concepts curriculum focuses on use of nursing concepts by practical nurses who provide client care and collaborate with other members of the health care team. Modules emphasize concepts of learning, communication, and teamwork in nursing, human development and health promotion, professionalism, nursing ethics and law, and the changing dynamics in health care delivery systems. The curriculum in Nursing Concepts aligns with NCLEX-PN detailed test plan objectives. Nursing Concepts has been revised to include a new module, "Concepts of Safety and Asepsis."

Unit titles in Nursing Concepts include:

  • Concepts of Learning
  • Concepts of Communication
  • Concepts of Teamwork
  • Concepts of Human Development
  • Concepts of Health Promotion
  • Concepts of Professionalism
  • Concepts of Nursing Ethics and Law
  • Concepts of Health Care Systems
  • Concepts of Safety and Asepsis

We are offering unit 1, "Concepts of Learning," as a free sample for you to download.

Concepts of Learning, Teacher Edition (PDF file, 1.7 MB)
Concepts of Learning, Student Edition (PDF file, 1.4 MB)



Geology and Geography TLA

GeologyGeographyTLACoverAdded 01.19.11

This new Technology Learning Activity introduces geology and geography concepts/topics such as maps and map reading, continents, landforms, parts of the earth, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, rocks, minerals, gemstones, GIS, GPS. geotracking, and human/cultural geography. It also expands the bridge-building activities our Structural Engineering TLA to include online design, construction, and testing. Geology and Geography is crosswalked to the Oklahoma PASS Skills, the ITEA Technology Standards, and the Earth Science Literacy Principles. Careers in these areas are also introduced. The topics can be taught in any order. All student and teacher materials are included on one CD to be printed/duplicated as needed, including activities and reviews/quizzes in Microsoft Word format to allow for customization.

Geology and Geography sample (PDF file, 2.61. MB)


Diesel Technology Series: Preventive Maintenance

DieselPreventiveMaintCoverAdded 01.13.11

This publication provides an introduction to preventive maintenance and covers in-cab inspection, exterior inspection, brakes inspection, tires and wheels, under-vehicle inspection, engine compartment inspection, and cargo handling devices inspection. The Teacher Edition CD includes a crosswalk to NATEF/ASE tasks for Heavy-Duty Technician Preventive Maintenance. The student edition is divided into two parts - a Student Guide, and a Student Workbook consisting of consumable pages.

We are offering Unit 7, "Engine Compartment Inspection," as a free sample for you to download.

Engine Compartment Inspection, Student Guide (PDF file, 465 KB)
Engine Compartment Inspection, Student Workbook (PDF file, 1.95 MB)


Anatomy and Physiology

AnatomyCoverAdded 01.13.11

The second edition of Anatomy and Physiology covers the organization of the human body, biochemistry and microbiology, infection, immunology, and sanitation, tissues, membranes, and wound healing, as well as all of the major body systems. The Student Edition, consisting of objective sheets, information sheets and student supplements, is divided into two spiral-bound Student Guides: Section A: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, and Section B: Major Body Systems. Several new features are available for the second edition of Anatomy and Physiology, including a Student CD with interactive assignment sheets that allow students to complete and print, or complete, save and submit assignments via e-mail, as well as an interactive student review for each module of instruction. The Teacher Edition CD contains a crosswalk to AST Core Curriculum, instructional/task analysis, basic skills matrix, PowerPoint presentations with color illustrations for each module, suggested activities and crossword puzzles, as well as customizable module reviews and answers, written tests and answers and learning activities sheets.

We are offering Module 1-A, "Organization of the Human Body," as a free sample for you to download.

Organization of the Human Body, Teacher Edition (PDF file, 365 KB)
Organization of the Human Body, Student Guide (PDF file, 1.56 MB)


Culinary Arts Series: Advanced Pastry Arts

CulinaryArtsPastryCoverAdded 01.11.11

The Advanced Pastry Arts curriculum provides students with advanced knowledge and specialized skills applicable to a career in baking, pastry, and dessert preparation.

Topics include basic and advanced baking, chocolate and candies, decorative desserts, and advanced desserts. Relevant concepts, such as plating and decoration, special nutritional concerns, and attention to cultural considerations are introduced where appropriate and reinforced throughout.

The Student Edition consists of a printed Student Guide and a Student Workbook on CD, which features fillable assignment and job sheets and an interactive student review.

Units include:

  • Baking Basics
  • Advanced Breads and Baking
  • Chocolate and Candies
  • Decorative Cakes, Pastries, and Confections
  • Advanced Desserts

We are offering Unit 1, "Baking Basics," as a free sample for you to download.

Baking Basics, Student Guide (PDF file, 1.27 MB)
Baking Basics, Student Workbook (PDF file, 2.82 MB)
Baking Basics, Teacher Edition (PDF file, 615 KB)


Operative Plasterers: Book Three

OperativePlaster3CoverAdded 1.10.11

Operative Plasterers Book Three completes our series of books developed with the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association (OPCMIA) to be used in the OPCMIA's apprenticeship program. This curriculum covers decorative and specialty finishes, as well as making plaster repairs.

The student book uses full-color photos to illustrate important steps. The teacher’s book includes a CD with PowerPoint presentations for each unit in both English and Spanish.

Operative Plasterers covers the following Architecture and Construction pathways:

  • Construction
  • Maintenance/Operations

Units include:

  • Rock Carving
  • Colored Veneer Plaster
  • Venetian Plaster
  • Specialty Finishes
  • Sprayed Concrete and Pool Plastering
  • Ornamental Plaster
  • Plaster Problems and Cracking

We are offering Unit 3, "Venetian Plaster," as a free sample for you to download.

Venetian Plaster, Teacher Edition (PDF file, 824 KB)
Venetian Plaster, Student Workbook (PDF file, 6.7 MB)

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