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File Prep

CareerTech Printing encourages the use of PDFX-1A.

This version of PDF can be easily applied if your publication is created in Adobe's Indesign CS. To make sure you have a CMYK document and colors are separating correctly use the Separation Preview in InDesign to check. Call PrePress at 405-743-6807 for help on InDesign and Acrobat settings.

If the publication can not be converted to a PDFX-1A file, please follow the guidelines listed to ensure your work will be printed on time and on budget.

1. Supply all the necessary files

Include all image and graphic files imported into your document. Graphics that are missing may remain visible but will output in low resolution and look pixelated and fuzzy. Also please supply original and editable copies of all graphic files.

2. Supply the necessary fonts for your job

Please be certain to provide both printer and screen fonts. If printer fonts are missing we will not be able to create a proof or plates for your job.

3. Convert all your colors from RGB to CMYK

Your images may print black and white or with inaccurate color if you neglect to convert images.

4. Verify colors after conversion

Some Pantone colors are outside of the CMYK color space and appear different when printed as process color. View your screen after conversion for a rough idea of how that color will appear. For an exact determination, view a Pantone color conversion guide.

5. Scan/Save images at the right resolution

Set scanning resolution at double the output line screen. CareerTech's uses 170 lines per inch (LPI) for sheet fed presses so you should scan at 340 (DPI) dots per inch for high quality work.

Grayscale artwork to be printed on the web press can be scanned in at 150 dpi and line art should be scanned in at 600 dpi. Please check with Randy or Danny to determine which press your publication will be printed on.

6. Set up your document bleeds correctly

Make sure all bleeds extend at least an eighth (.125) of an inch beyond the edge of the size of the finished document.

7. Send us a mock-up of your document

It is always useful to have a mock-up as a guide for printing. A PDF e-mailed with your job or even a laser proof faxed to Careertech Printing (405) 743-5154, can serve as such a guide.

8. Give it a name

Naming conventions are important. Clearly write your name, address and phone number on all diskettes, art or proofs that are sent to us. It is also helpful to provide us with a checklist of everything you are sending.

Please be sure to give all your files descriptive names including either the job number, department name, or a physical description of the piece.

Following the above checklist helps reduce potential problems, accelerates job delivery and avoids additional fees associated with pre-press problems.

However, don’t worry if you don’t do all these steps or don’t understand how to do them. Just give us a call if you have questions, and we'll help walk you through the process. Contact CareerTech's prepress department at (405) 743-6807.

Top 10 Errors

Listed below is a recent survey displaying the top 10 errors in preparing files for a printer.

  1. Fonts missing
  2. Trapping incorrect
  3. Color incorrectly specified (RGB/spot vs. CMYK)
  4. Scans made in wrong mode
  5. Page settings not properly specified
  6. Graphics not linked
  7. Bleeds inadequate
  8. No laser proof supplied
  9. Graphics missing
  10. Resolution too low or high

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