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Federal Legislation Resources:




Carl Perkins Application Documentation:


Carl Perkins Application Technical Assistance Document

Technical Assistance Document.png

Carl Perkins Program of Study - Course Sequence Worksheet

Program of Study - Course Sequence Worksheet.png

 PDF Version    Word Document


Size, Scope and Quality Definitions

Size Definition - Final.png


Carl Perkins Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenditures

Carl Perkins Allowable_Non-Allowable List.png

PDF Version                           Word Document

Carl Perkins FY20 Application for Career and Technical Education Scoring Rubric.

FY20 Scoring Rubric - v.1.1.png

PDF Version 

Carl Perkins Professional Development Workshops:

Link to Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment Professional Development Training

Writing and Submitting the Carl Perkins Application for FY20

Carl Perkins Fy19 Application Workshop.png

Click picture to download full powerpoint file


Allowable/Un-allowable Expenditures and Financial FAQs

Carl Perkins Carpe Per Diem.png

Click picture to download full powerpoint file


Carl Perkins Local Use of Funds:

FY20 Use of Funds Definitions Oklahoma - FINAL.png

Local Use of Funds Document

Carl Perkins Local Performance Data 

performance data narrative.png

"Utilizing your Performance Data" Guidebook


Template Secondary TC.pngTemplate TC Adult.png
Technology Center Secondary Performance Data

Technology Center Adult-Post Secondary Performance Data

Template Secondary HS.png


High School Secondary Performance Data

Collegiate Post Secondary Performance Data


Carl Perkins Application Resources:

Program of Study - Course Sequence Worksheet.png


Example Program of Study Course Sequence



Indirect Cost Calculation Worksheet.png

Indirect Cost Calculation Worksheet

Direct vs. Indirect Administrative Costs

Oklahoma's FY20 Transition Plan for Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act:

 Transition Plan FY20.png

Perkins V Transition Plan for Oklahoma


Full Assurances of Compliance pertaining to Oklahoma's State plan for the Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006


Adobe pdf


Certifications Regarding Lobbying; Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters; and Drug-Free Workplace Requirements Lower Tier:

Debarment, Lobbying, Drug free workplace.jpeg

Adobe pdf

Recipient Assurances of Compliance pertaining to recipient of Federal Funds from the Carl. D. Perkins Act of 2006



Assurances of Compliance

USDE CFO Memorandum to Education Grantees Regarding the Use of Grant Funds for Conferences and Meetings:


United States Department of Education CFO Allowable Cost Memo.png

USDE CFO Memorandum

Form 2 For CareerTech Programs

                 Form 2 Final.jpeg

Form 2 for Comprehensive CareerTech Programs

Perkins Town Hall Meetings

Perkins Town Hall Power Point

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