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Non-Traditional Fields

Non-Traditional Fields - The term 'non-traditional fields' means occupations or fields of work, including careers in computer science, technology, and other current and emerging high skill occupations, for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25 percent of the individuals from one gender comprises less than 25 percent of the individuals employed in each occupation or field of work.

Welcome to the Non-Traditional Fields website for Carl Perkins. This page is for educators and administrators in career and technical education who need resources to move the needle in non-traditional fields. 


Data, Statistics and Reports

Department of Labor listing of nontraditional careers

Guide for Improvement for Perkins IV: Nontraditional CTE Program Participation and Completion

Career Planning


Take the Nontraditional Careers Quiz-
Non-Traditional Careers
New Look Online Self-Study 2.0
National Alliance for Partnership in Equity
The White House - Women in STEM
United States Department of Labor


Could this be your life? -

Non-traditional Careers Quiz -

Posters, DVD's, etc.

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