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National Programs of Study Institute

The National Research Center for Career and Technical Education has identified Programs of Study as a central curriculum model and developed the National Programs of Study Institute to help states address barriers to full implementation of RPOS. Kentucky, Minnesota, Guam and Oklahoma were selected to participate in the NPOSI through a competitive RFP process in late December 2011.

The purpose of the NPOSI was to move research into practice by applying current RPOS research and to support states in addressing barriers to implementing Rigorous Programs of Study. The NRCCTE has been engaged in Program of Study research since 2007. Three field‐based longitudinal studies (and two multi‐state qualitative investigations) conducted by the NRCCTE have yielded lessons brought to the institute and shared with the participants. The NRCCTE brought together evidence‐based resources to help states address implementation barriers identified by the participating states and provided expert facilitators, Programs of Study researchers and others as resources. 5

Teams from each state and territory were developed, and a series of six meetings were held as part of the NPOSI. These meetings included three in‐state sessions as well as three national sessions held in Louisville, Ky., and Washington, D.C., and via web conferencing.

Through the NPOSI, participants developed plans of action to address two to three barriers to the implementation of Rigorous Programs of Study in their state or territory. Teams are addressing barriers, such as counseling and guidance, terminology and accountability, and are developing different plans to address the issues of each state. As an example, Oklahoma is developing its own Oklahoma Programs of Study Institute to help the state understand the current level of POS implementation and help local educational institutions move to RPOS.

Final state plans were due in late July 2012. Participants have learned from each other and have reported new local relationships that have been developed, clearer direction and a better understanding of what Programs of Study and Rigorous Programs of Study entail.

Oklahoma continued the work of the National Institute and developed the Oklahoma Programs of Study Institute. Nine institutions representing secondary, technical and post secondary education participated in the Institute in 2012. The work that they undertook was shared at the Oklahoma Programs of Study Summit in 2013.

The final results of the National Programs of Study Institute may not be known for some time. However, it is certain that the impact on the future of career and technical education will be positive and move CTE in the right direction for students as they work toward college and career readiness through RPOS.

Download the Oklahoma NPOSI Report

Oklahoma's participation in the NPOSI was selected as a NACPL Best Practice

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education

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