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Documents, Forms and Schedules

Program Description

Work Prep Program Description

Work Prep Database

Work Prep Database User Manual
Work Prep Database User Manual - Please download and print the User Manual prior to installation of the Database for step by step instructions and reference during the process.

Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime
Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime - If Microsoft Office Access is not installed on your computer you will need to download and install MS Access Runtime from the above link prior to downloading the database onto your computer.

Work Prep Database

2017 Work Prep Database

2017 Update Instructions

2017 Database Update

2017 Information Revision

2017 Internship Evaluations


Guidebooks contain program operational requirements.

2018 Work Prep Guidebook

2017 Work Prep Guidebook

2016 Work Prep Guidebook

2015 Work Prep Guidebook

2014 Work Prep Guidebook

2013 Work Prep Guidebook

2012 Work Prep Guidebook

2011 Work Prep Guidebook

2010 Work Prep Guidebook

2010 Work Prep Guidebook Amendment (Pell)

Education Extended Guidelines

Speaker Guidelines

Job Readiness Program Guidelines

Evaluation Instruments

Each program will undergo an Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education Accreditation every five years.

TANF Evaluation Cover

Evaluation Content 2018

Current Evaluation Content

Previous Evaluation Content


Onsite reviews are conducted annually.

Review Schedules

Review Forms

Work Prep Design / Flowchart

The chart is designed to help programs adhere to work activity rules established in TANF law and OKDHS policy.  Several modifications have been made to accommodate changes.

2013 Work Prep Design

2011 Work Prep Design 7-28-11

2009 Work Prep Design

2008 Work Prep Design

2004 - 2007 Work Prep Design

Extended Educational Chart

Work Prep Map

The maps show location and contact information for each funded program in the state.  It also lists partnering OKDHS Human Service Centers' counties.

2018 Work Prep Map

2017 Work Prep Map

2015 Work Prep Map

2014 Revised Work Prep Map

2014 Work Prep Map

2013 Work Prep Map

2011 Work Prep Map

2009 Work Prep Map


Worksite is a work activity that allows students to gain and/or practice skills in a work environment.  In order to ensure that this activity meets the Fair Labor Standards and provides quality educational experiences the following tools have been created.

Work Prep Worksite Agreement

Work Prep Worksite Agreement Alternate Option

Worksite Curriculum Skills Standards and Assessments

Worksite Learning Plan

First Half of Attendance WBA 0707

Alternate First Half Attendance

Second Half of Attendance WBA 0707

Alternate Second Half Attendance

Worksite Coordinator Survey

Worksite Student Record

Student Evaluation of Worksite Experience

Work-based Participant’s Performance Evaluation

Miscellaneous Forms and Documents

2018 Expenditure Request Approval Form

Participant Intake Form

Electronic Student Accounting Instructions

2013 Expenditure Claim Template

2012 Expenditure Claim Template

2011 Expenditure Claim Template

Individual Career Pathways and Strategic Service Plan




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