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Disposition Schedules

A series number found in a disposition schedule stipulates the length of time that a record will be kept. All records stored at Central Storage, in your file cabinet or electronically need to have a series number and schedule.

CareerTech can use either of the following disposition schedules when storing records.

  1. The General Records Disposition Schedule is used for administrative, financial, personnel and electronic records common to state agencies, boards, etc.
  2. The CareerTech Disposition Schedule 2017-01 is a schedule in which each division has its own set of series numbers that pertain to specific records for that particular division.

REMINDER: You cannot destroy records without prior approval from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

GRDS Schedule

CareerTech Disposition Schedule 2017-01

Adult Basic Education (ABE) (60)

Accreditation (24)

Administration (01)

Agency Administrators

Agricultural Education (02)


Business, Marketing & Information Technology (04)

Career and Academic Connections (12)

Career Resource Network

Communications & Marketing (33)

Creative Services (45)

Curriculum (21)

Digital Printing, Distribution & Client Services (48)

Education/Business Partnerships (52)

Education Support Services (34)

Education Technology Resources (47)

Facility Services (44)

Family &Consumer Sciences (07)

Federal Programs (30)

Financial Aid

Financial Services (25)

Health Careers Education (06)

Human Resources (09)

Information Management (15)

Innovative Program Research (IPR)

MAVCC (56)

Oklahoma Bid Assistant Network (OBAN) (54)

Perkins Administration (31)

Professional Development (19)

Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) (40)

Skills Centers (63)

Standards and Assessments (51)

Tech Prep

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Trade & Industrial Education (11)

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