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Services Provided

Financial Services Division supports the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE) by providing budgeting, accounting, procurement, fixed assets, records management and regulatory oversight to a high standard of excellence in accordance with state and federal requirements.


Annual Agency Budget

  • Divisional Budgets - Stephanie Rossander (x825)     Distributed at beginning of fiscal year
  • Mid-Year Revised Budgets - Stephanie Rossander (x825)  Budgets revised after January 1
  • Technology Center Budgets - Joanne Dewald (x824) Distributed Tech Center budgets
  • Oracle Budget vs Actual Reports - Whitley Gann (x589) Print on division printers 4th day of month
  • Voucher Detail Report - Whitley Gann (x589)  Access to transaction detail

Claims Processing

Travel Claims

  • Travel Reimbursement Process - Debbi Butterfield (x458) or
  • Status of Travel Claim Payment

All employee travel claims are direct deposited into the same bank account as employee’s payroll

Form 3 Claims

School Claims

  • State Aid to Schools - Debbi Butterfield (x458)
    • Formula Payments to Technology Centers - Judy Brown (x451)
    • Program Assistance Payments to Comprehensive Schools - Judy Brown (x451)
    • Lottery Fund Equipment Grants to schools
  • Federal Grants - Nicole Currant (x577) Examples: Carl Perkins, Tech Prep, TANF, Bid Assistance
  • Contracts - Sherri Shire (x433) Examples: Horizons TV, OK-ACTS, Certified Nurse Aid

Accounts Receivable



Fixed Asset

Records Management

Technology Centers

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