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2021 Benefit Enrollment

2021 Benefit Enrollment Guide

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Tobacco Free Attestation and Verification of Other Benefits

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Important Reminders:

  • If an employee wants to opt out, they must complete a new enrollment form, opt-out form and provide proof of other coverage every year.
  • If an employee does not make a change in their plans, their coverage will roll over to their current elections (except for FSA, DCA and HSA).
  • If an employee does not complete a new enrollment form, opt-out form and proof of other coverage, they will be defaulted into HeathChoice High and HealthChoice Dental.
  • If an employee contributes to an FSA account, they must enroll each year.
  • If an employee contributes to an HSA account, they must enroll each year.
  • New employees hired in October and November 2020 must complete a Newly Eligible Form for November/December 2020 and a Plan Year 2021 Option Period Enrollment Form.
  • If an employee is adding a spouse or dependents to their coverage, they must provide required documentation.
  • Deadline to submit a life insurance application is Oct. 30, 2020.
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