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Benefit Changes 2014


Please view the following for Plan Year 2014:

FSA Contribution limits: Health FSA contributions will once again be limited to $2,500 each year with annual inflation increases. As of now, there are no standard limits, though the State of Oklahoma caps the maximum somewhere below $5,000. Most people put away less than this, but if you are one of those who take full advantage of the State's current maximum, you may see a reduction in the amount you are able to save in the future. This new limit is per employee, regardless of whether just the employee is covered or the employee and family.

Increase of Supplemental Life Coverage: You can elect to increase your life insurance coverage in $20,000 units up to a maximum of $500,000. To increase your coverage, a Life Insurance Application must be submitted and approved. Your application must be approved before coverage can take effect. The postmark deadline for submitting the Life Insurance Application is Friday, November 15, 2013.

New Vision Plan Option: Please follow the link to Vision Care Direct for details outlining this new vision plan option.

Note: There have been no changes made to the benefit allowance. It will remain at the amount you qualified for in 2013.


  • Annual out of pocket maximum increases to $4,000 individual and $8,000 family.
  • Hospital inpatient now has a $750 copay per admission.


  • Hospital outpatient now has a $250 copay per visit for free standing/surgery centers as well as a $750 copay per visit for a hospital facility.
  • Emergency room copay is now $300.


  • HealthChoice High & High Alternative Non-Network annual out of pocket maximum increases. High: Individual - $3,300, Family - $8,400. High Alternative: Individual - $3,550, Family - $8,400.
  • Change in pharmacy costs.
  • Help Check $200 - Sign Up.
  • Tobacco Free attestation or three counseling sessions must be completed by November 15, 2013.
  • HealthChoice Dental: Orthodontics - child must be covered by HealthChoice for one year prior to getting braces.
  • MedEncentive Information Therapy Program is an enhancement to your health benefit plan, which is free to you and requires no enrollment on your part. This program rewards you for accessing the MedEncentive website to learn about your health and treatment options. Your participation earns you $15 with each office visit. For more information, contact your Benefit Coordinator.
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