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Professional Development

The Oklahoma Department of CareerTech is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities to all staff members.

Professional Development Resources:

Professional Development classes offered by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services.

Course Catalog and Descriptions


Employee Self Service Update

Complete this form for fee-based training:
         Professional Development Fund Request form - State Staff

Remedy Interactive - Desk Ergonomics Assessment:

Self-help tool developed as an injury prevention solution for office-based employees to assess ergonomics for their workstation and computer .
Complete the assessment to receive an email with suggestions for changes to your workstation.

Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving is emerging as a major cause of work-related vehicle accidents. This course is designed to reduce risks through online simulation that addresses distracted driving awareness and safe driving techniques. The course provides targeted, immediate and convenient training for employees who drive for agency business, covering topics like:
- The negative effects of looking away from the road for more than two seconds.
- Strategies for eliminating controllable distractions.
- How to make necessary adjustments for distractions that the driver cannot control.

The course can be completed in less than 30 minutes and can be bookmarked if the user cannot complete it in one sitting.
Enter Course ID - SN:SOK2161 and use your EIN as the student number.

Meridian Technology Center offers discounted professional skill-building courses year round. These classes are often offered online or in the classroom.



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