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CTIMS (CareerTech Information Management System)

CTIMS Login and Assistance

ABE (Adult and Basic Education) Grant

Carl Perkins (FLA) Grant

  • Technical Guidebook
  • Video Tutorials
  • Resources
  • Contacts
  • Due Dates:
    • June 30:  FY18 Perkins Application due
    • August 1:  FY17 Perkins final Invoices for reimbursement due
    • August 15:  Final date for submitting corrected Invoices
    • March 15:  Last date to submit an EQUIPMENT Budget Adjustment to the Agreement
    • April 1:  Last date to expend all NON-SALARY  Perkins funds

CESI (Comprehensive School Enrollment)

EDI (Economic Development Initiatives)

Enrollment - Technology Centers

Instructional Framework

Salary and Teaching Schedule

Secure FTP Site


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