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Partnerships and Customized Services

Our work is accomplished through the development of partnerships with educational institutions, state and federal agencies, business and industry and outside organizations. System alignment is accomplished through the deployment of high-quality programs and supporting partnerships for the CareerTech System throughout the state.

Partnerships & Customized Services Website Banner has 5 images: a student and instructor with welding helmets on; the word Training written on a chalkboard; two puzzle pieces fitting together where one reads partner and the other one reads ship; 8 business people dressed in their appropriate business attire; two people on a rock with one standing on top pulling the other one up from the side


Education Partnerships and Customized Services

Government and Economic Development Partnerships (under construction)

OkPTAC- Oklahoma Procurement Technical Assistance Center formerly known as OBAN - Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network

Workforce Recovery and Advancement

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