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Oklahoma CareerTech Agency Information Security

Information is a critical state asset. Information is comparable with other assets as costs are involved in obtaining it and a value in using it. However, unlike many other assets, the value of reliable and accurate information appreciates over time as opposed to depreciating. Shared information is a powerful tool and loss or misuse can be costly, if not illegal. The intent of ODCTE Information Security is to protect the information assets of the state.

The ODCTE Information Security governs all aspects of hardware, software, communications and information. It covers all facets of the state CareerTech agency, as well as contractors or other entities who may be given permission to log in, view or access ODCTE information.


Security awareness training is mandated by the State of Oklahoma in the State of Oklahoma Information Security Policies and Procedures Guidelines Manual. As such the state CareerTech agency requires all ODCTE employees to complete the online security awareness training. Failure to complete the training will result in removal of access to agency information systems.

All new employees will receive an e-mail from the ODCTE Information Security Officer (ISO) welcoming them to the agency and stating that they will receive an additional e-mail from the ODCTE online “Course Server: Account Information.” That message will state: “You have been enrolled into the course Security Awareness." The employee is directed to follow the instructions, log in to the server and take the Security Awareness Training. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete. The training does not have to be completed all in one sitting. Users have the ability to take it a module at a time or at their own pace.  You may also arrange a special time to take the training in the CareerTech Learning Center if unable to find time at your current work station.

Simply point your browser to Load times will vary depending on what IS provider you have internet access through.

State of Oklahoma Information Security Policies and Procedures Guidelines Manual

State of Oklahoma Monthly Cyber Security Tips Bulletin

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