HTML Exercise

The following is an exercise to practice writing HTML from scratch. It is part of the HTML & CSS Basics cross-training.

Sections included in this document

Steps to complete this exercise

  1. Build standards-compliant web page to look like this exercise
  2. Validate it using W3C's HTML 4.01 strict validator
  3. Verify with facilitator that you used similar tags

Section 1: Form

This form should use the 'get' method (without quotes), '#' action (without quotes), and multi-part encoding type

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A hidden field should be here with a name of field5 and default value of hidden

Section 2: Table

The following table should have two heading rows, the first of which has spans 2 columns, and 4 regular rows.

Report Card
Course Name Grade
Math A
English B
Science C
History <D