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Open Source Software


  • Introduction and System Requirements

Trac - What is Trac?

  • Project Management software
  • Ticketing System “issue tracking”
  • Versioning integration

Trac Features

  • Wiki = A vehicle to provide project informaiton via the web to stake holders or other interested parties.
  • Timeline = Similar to an event log, but web based. Displays transational events such as edits, uploads, and comments.
  • Tickets = Feature rich CRM tool, include email notifications, custom components, custom reports etc.

Trac System Requirements

  • HDD 3GB for our production site
  • 1GB RAM
  • Previously 1 SATA 7200 drive, runs great Virtualized

Trac Installation

  • You will need a Linux distro with apache and python, setuptools, Genshi “python library used for HTML output, SQLLite, PostgreSQL or MySQL.
  • You can check it out from their repository or build it from source.
  • Create a project environment
  • Create the Apache directory
  • Configure Authentication

Trac Installation cont.

  • Create a project environment
    • This is where you can configure customizations like email notifications etc.
  • Create the Apache directory
  • Configure Authentication
    • Apache password file
    • Provision users with Trac roles

Trac Integrated Versioning

  • Integrated versioning is optional but huge!!!
  • Integral development tool used by our developers.
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