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Document Management and Storage

Proper procedures for ensuring your data is backed up safely.

Remember that internal, external and portable storage devices although very convenient are just as susceptible to viruses, malware and hardware failure.  It is the individual staff’s responsibility to ensure data is backed up appropriately.

We strongly suggest using a two tiered method to ensure redundancy and safe keeping:

  1. A Working copy of the data should be stored on at the local computer level.  This copy will be stored on the local hard disk drive and will ensure immediate access.  This data should be stored in a very specific location using obvious folder and naming convention.  (i.e. "My Documents, Work, Presentations, PDA usage.docx")
  2. A Master copy of the data should be stored at the network level.  This will ensure that an additional copy is stored at an alternate location.  Agency network level storage is also backed up to tape or other long term storage media.

It is the individual staff’s responsibility to make sure that the working copy and master copy are consistently updated to reflect the most current versions.

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