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What if I don't remember my password in the new Outlook environment?

You will need to call the OMES HelpDesk in Oklahoma City at 405.521.2444 or 405.308-7577, their service hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What are the size options with our new email?

We don't know what the size limitations of your email box will be yet. You are limited to 20 MB file attachments and encouraged to compress/zip large attachments before sending them. Please refrain from forwarding large files to multiple users if possible.

Will my OWA password ever expire?

Yes, for security precautions your OWA client is set to expire every 60 days. You will be notified on day 20, 5 and 1 before they expire. You will need to log into the web access at https://webmail.ok.gov to change your password, before it is set to expire.

Here is an example of what the notification will look like on the web:

Password Change Notification

Web Mail

  • Accessible from any web enabled workstation.
  • Accessible from most mobile device's browser option.
  • Internet Explorer 8 or 10 is the preferred browser client but Mozilla FireFox will work as well.
  • What is my new email address? firstname.lastname@careertech.ok.gov.

Desktop/Client Mail

  • Will only be accessible from your agency computer.

AutoComplete Feature

AutoComplete is a feature which displays suggestions for names and email addresses as you begin to type them. These suggestions are possible matches from a list of names and email addresses that you have typed before, known as the AutoComplete name list.

The AutoComplete feature is turned on by default, and displays suggestions for names as you type them in the To, Cc, or Bcc in an email message, meeting requests, tasks, share requests and emails in a contact card.You can turn this feature off.

When you type the first letter of a name in one of these boxes, AutoComplete begins to give suggestions.If you have someone's email that has changed when populating the email, using the up/down arrow keys to select the email and either click the "X" or the Delete key. They will no longer be one of the selections in your AutoComplete.

AutoCorrect 1.JPG

After deleting the email you no longer want in your AutoComplete.

AutoCorrect 2.JPG

    CT Central Email

      What is happening to all the mail I currently have in my CT Central?

        The current process is the OMES support will come by and install the careertech.ok.gov profile then add your current okcareertech.org profile to your computer. We will then begin the migration of your current email folder(s) to your new account.

            What happens when people keep sending to the 'username@okcareertech.org' account.

            Once the entire agency has been migrated the CT Central email server will be configured to send any incoming emails to the new username@careertech.ok.gov account.

              How long will this forward be available?

              All emails going to @okcareertech.org will be forwarded until January 2015 unless the agency decides to extend the deadline.

                Is there a good way to notify people automatically of the new email address or will this be a manual process of notifying what contacts we want to of this change?

                Email will be forwarded to the new account AFTER entire agency has been migrated. Agency will determine the need of notifying people automatically of new email address or if this is going to be a manual process of notifying contacts of the email address change. Adding your new email address to your signature line in both email accounts is the preferred method.

                  Will CT Central entry on the Agency’s Web Apps page be modified to point to Outlook Web App? 

                  Yes after the entire agency has migrated to the new email the Agency’s web apps link will be change so that all staff can easily accessed.

                    Looking for spellchecker button on while in Firefox? Look no further. Firefox built spell checking into its system.

                    Microsoft knows this AND knows Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not have spell checking built in.

                    Internet Explorer users will see highlights on the misspelled words with red underlines, then it behaves like Firefox. Just turn on the setting in Internet Explorer as a reminder to do this before sending an email. The spelling option will show in global Options menu.

                    Example tutorial: http://helpspot.business.uconn.edu/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=187

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