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Plumbing (Medium to Discharge) - Lexington

Plumbing (Medium to Discharge) - Lexington
Course Plumbing
Location Lexington Skills Center - Lexington, Oklahoma
Average Training Time 720 – 1050 hours.
Special Restrictions Must be security Level 2 through 4, within one year to discharge, and at least a 9.0  total score on TABE. Must have high school diploma or GED.
Course Description Plumbing performance-based training. Utilization of interactive computer software;
classroom instruction; hands-on, real-world working conditions in the shop area. Trade-related academic curriculum is incorporated in the areas of Life Skills, Basic Computer Skills, and Keytrain academics.
Certifications ACT WorkKeys Career Readiness Certification
NCCER Competency Certificate
ODCTE Competency Certificate: Plumbing Apprentice Technician
Contact Information Lexington Skills Center
Attn: Micah Hobson
PO Box 550
Lexington, OK 73051
(405) 527-2191
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