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Student Services

The Student Services Team / Instructors are responsible for enrolling students in the technical programs in the CareerTech Skills Centers. Key objectives are: to get the right student in the right training program and to maintain slot utilization and employment upon completion of training. These objectives are accomplished either by placement in a non-subsidized employment (job on the outside) or by placement in a subsidized employment (placed in an essential job with the Department of Corrections i.e. maintenance, electrical, carpentry, masonry or the Oklahoma Correctional Industries). Subsidized employment positions are held by medium security offenders with five (5) or more years of incarceration time remaining to be served.

As offenders arrive to reside with the Department of Corrections, the Student Services Team/Instructors attends new arrival reviews held by the Unit Classification Committees. This review determines the initial needs of the offender and allows Student Services to establish whether or not a new arrival has a need and is eligible to attend a technical program. The team then individually interviews the prospective student and assesses whether or not that CareerTech Skills Center has the technical program that the prospective student really needs and wishes to take.

The Student Services Team/Instructors networks with other Teams/Instructors in the Skills Centers system, as well as the Initial Assessment at Lexington Assessment and Reception Center to ensure that students are at the proper site to fulfill the needs of the student. If a prospective student residing with the Department of Corrections is eligible for and wishes to take a technical program that may be at another institution, the student services team then aids in the process of moving the student to the proper facility. Slot utilization and student selection are important to ensure that as many offenders as possible are being served and the training is effective for employment placement, a major contributor to less recidivism.

Once the determination is made that a student is to attend a technical program, an enrollment application form and Life Success Plan are completed by the student Student Services Team/Instructor and the student is either immediately enrolled in a program or put on a waiting list for the next possible opening. Since students are completing weekly, enrollment occurs weekly. Once a student is successfully enrolled in a program, the Student Services Team/Instructor keeps track of the student's progress and time requirements throughout the course, based on the Life Success Plan. The Student Services Team plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and validity of the student records system, by monitoring all information and by assistance with employment for the graduating students.

Ongoing Assessment

The application and Life Skills Plan contains all of the necessary information for the student's course of action throughout the program, as well as notations of post-completion activities such as GED, Substance Abuse Education, or any other program that has been indicated as required for completion during offender's incarceration.

Each potential student is given a Career Assessment Profile survey to aid in proper program placement. The results of these assessment instruments are maintained by the Student Services Team and each student is given the opportunity to view the results and make decisions of program choice based on the information provided by the surveys.


After the instructor, the Student Services Team is the first level of counseling regarding discipline. The team may place students on probation or make recommendations to the Behavior Committee for suspension or termination. Lack of academic progress as determined by monthly evaluations can be a cause for probation or suspension. If a student is terminated from the CareerTech program, the Student Services Team is responsible for getting information to the Department of Corrections and filing the proper paperwork to insure that he or she will be given an assignment by DOC.


The Student Services Team/Instructor, when possible, takes new arrivals to the facilities on a tour of the technical programs (and academies) on a scheduled basis. The program content and prerequisites necessary for success in each area are explained to them. During the first week of a student's enrollment in a program, the instructors explains the CareerTech Skills Center Policies and Procedures Handbook in detail.


The Student Services Teams/Instructor are available to students for individual guidance and counseling.

Student Services Coordinator

Student Services CoordinatorOffice LocationPhone
Lexington Skills Center
PO Box 550
Lexington OK 73051

Student Employment Coordinators & Transition Coordinator (Female Offenders)

Employment Coordinators and Transition Coordinator provide guidance and assistance in securing employment and in removing transitional barriers facing offenders returning to the local community.

Employment CoordinatorOffice LocationPhone
Georganne Mackey OKC Eastside Career Connection Center
7401 NE 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73141
(405) 713-2213
(405) 627-0278 Cell
Christi Williams Tulsa Workforce OK Eastgate Office
14002 E. 21st St, Suite 1030
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 796-1302
(918) 671-0334 Cell
Female Employment/
Transition Coordinator
Office LocationPhone
Dr. Joy Thomas OKC Eastside Career Connection Center
7401 NE 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73141
(405) 713-6523
(405) 714-1348 Cell
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