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Televideo Endpoints

The CareerTech Skills Centers has an H.323 televideo presence within the system. This table contains site and contact information.
CareerTech Skills Centers Distance Learning Sites
LocationContactIP AddressEnd Point Type
Ft Supply Avery Butler

(580) 766-2224 x407 Polycom VSX 6000
Hamilton Whitney Blaylock

(918) 653-7831 x276 Polycom VSX 6000
Lexington Vernon Thompson

(405) 527-2191 Polycom VSX 7000S
Mabel Bassett Brandy Burns

(405) 964-3020 Polycom QDX 6000
McLeod Christi Pugh

(580) 889-7275 Polycom VSX 6000
Taft-JDCC Joshua Steele

(918) 683-8669 Polycom VS 128
Taft-EWCC Janet Ashley

(918) 683-8365 Polycom QDX 6000
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