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Pet Services - Turley CWC/Muddy Paws

Course Pet Services
Location Turley Residential Center - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Muddy Paws - 2234 E. 56 Pl. - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Special Restrictions Must Show ability to benefit. Must have minimum language and math skills of 5.0 as measured by TABE. Must be healthy and able-bodied with the ability to lift up to 25 pounds. Open entry, controlled exit.
Course Description Instructor: Christy Van Cleave
Instructor Support: Christi Pugh - Aubrey Metcalf
Components of the program include hands on pet services training in Kennel Technician, Bather/Brusher, Pet Stylist, Grooming, Work Place Professional, Life Skills, Key Train/Work Keys and Resume building.
Certifications Kennel Technician, Brusher/Bather, Pet Stylist-Groomer
Work Place Professional, Life Skills Training
ACT WorkKeys Career Readiness Certification
Instructional Model Student should have 6-10 months remaining to Work Release or discharge. Instruct female offenders to obtain a professional dog grooming career that affords animal enthusiasts a creative and artistic profession that is also fulfilling as it contributes to the overall health and well-being of a variety of animals. The dog groomer’s responsibilities include groomer, brushing, clipping and manicuring pets on a regular basis.
Contact Information Muddy Paws / Turley Skills Center
Attn: Christy VanCleave
2234 E. 56 Pl.
Tulsa, OK 74015
(918) 749-5255
Attn: Aubrey Metcalf
400 N. Oak
Taft, OK 74463
(918) 683-8365
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