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Sept. 8 Coordinator's Meeting Agenda

A copy of 8/8 agenda. List of contest deadlines and details.


Coordinator’s Meeting

CareerTech Olympics 2012

Aug. 9, 2012


Objective: To organize CT Olympics and inform all coordinators of upcoming deadlines.



  • Events and Coordinators
    • Egg Toss – Alisa Oglesby and Marie Saatkamp
    • Bunko – Janette Sagersa and Debbie McElroy
    • Zumba – Renae Burke
    • Pet/Employee look-alike contest – Melanie Goodner
    • Sr. Staff look-alike contest – Liz Walton
    • Minute to Win it – Lee Ann Gregory
    • Cupcake contest – Tawni Hooten
    • Hula Hoop – Anna Whitfield
    • Basketball – Jeremy Zweiacker
    • Photography – Amy Haney
    • Talent Show – HR (unless another volunteer is found)
    • Talent Show Emcee – Blake McCrabb
    • Bowling – Diane Durham
  • Event Rules
    • Rules have been received for:
      • Pet/Employee look-alike
      • Egg Toss
      • Hula Hoop
    • All other rules must be submitted no later than August 22nd
    • These rules will be posted to the CT website
      • To access this tab be sure to log in
      • Select Inside View
      • Under Employees tab
      • Titled “CareerTech Olympics”
  • Event Date/Place/Time
    • All events must be held during the lunch hour, from 11 am to 1 pm, or outside of work hours.
    • Several conference rooms have been reserved from September 10th – 19th.
    • For those of you who will have events outside or in the evening, the date and place should be determined as soon as possible.
    • As soon as you have a date/place/time chosen, start advertising for your event.
    • Sign-ups should begin no later than August 27th.
  • Judges
    • If your contest requires judges, such as the cupcake contest, feel free to ask for judges outside of CareerTech.
    • These judges should be approved by Liz Walton.
  • Jeans Passes
    • We will be selling jeans passes for August 16th and August 23rd.
    • We will begin selling passes on August 9th.
    • The money raised will be used to buy prizes for contest winners.
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
    • The opening ceremonies will be held September 10th in the Tuttle Seminar Center at 11:30.
      • During this time, coffee and breakfast items will be served, pot luck style.
      • An “old video” from CT Olympics will be shown.
      • The Sr. Staff look-alike contest will be held.
      • Sr. Staff members will participate in the Minute to Win it contest.
      • A discussion of events and a schedule will be presented.
    • The closing ceremonies will be held on September 19th in the Tuttle Seminar Center from 10:30 to 1:30.
      • A sandwich bar or pot luck style lunch will be served.
      • The closing ceremonies will include the Talent Show and winner announcements.
  • Teams
    • Teams will be divided up by Senior Staff Member.
    • A list will be posted to the CareerTech Olympics page on the web.
  • Our next meeting will be held in September in order to determine an official schedule of this year’s events.

Thank you all for your hard work in making CareerTech Olympics 2012 a success!

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