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Web Applications

Support information for online Web applications that require a username and password for access. Each listed app may be a separate stand-alone system requiring a unique username and password. Please make sure you are trying to log in to the right system. The general public does not need a username or password to browse

Brainbench Testing

The agency has a statewide agreement with Brainbench Test Center to allow students to access over 600 certification tests. Each school will work directly with Brainbench (CEB) on contract details and support.  The price per school is $1,000. Once the contract is purchased, they will work with you to establish an onsite contact/administrator to manage your account data. For specific information:  Abby McGraw  Email:  Phone: 612.843.1861

Order Form


CareerTech Testing Center

CareerTech Testing Center services are divided into Oklahoma customers and out-of-state customers:

Oklahoma Customers - Online Testing System

Out-of-State Customers - Online Testing System Tools


CTIMS (CareerTech Information Management System)

 For Help with CTIMS, contact the Information Management Division at 405-743-5125 or email

Login to CTIMS


CT UNITED Website (Communications & Marketing Website) - Learning Management System

  • Description: is Oklahoma CareerTech's free Moodle-based learning management system. This LMS hosts online and blended courses, teacher resources and meeting sites.
  • Access provided to: Anyone affiliated with the Oklahoma CareerTech System may register on the site, including students, instructors, administrators and industry mentors.

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ctYouniverse - Learning Management System

  • Description: provides a low-cost, ready-to-use blended learning platform for CareerTech instructors and students. Course sites come pre-populated with curriculum materials created by CIMC.
  • Access provided to: Customers who have purchased a subscription.

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ctYouniverse - Demo Site

  • Description: This site provides users the chance to get a feel for the functionality of the ctYOUniverse platform by manipulating a sample course. The course sites automatically refresh every hour.
  • Access provided to: Anyone who would like to experiment with the ctYouniverse platform.


  • FYI is an Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education internal employee bulletin board.  All items are subject to editorial review.
  • Reminder: You must be logged in to see FYI which is located

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GovDelivery Communications

Get connected with news about Oklahoma CareerTech through GovDelivery Communications.  Please go here to sign up for CareerTech news and newsletters on various topics.

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IMD (Information Management Division)

  • Description: The Information Management Division is the primary steward for the collection and processing of student enrollment, completion and placement data.
  • Access provided to: Comprehensive school instructors, superintendents, local directors, technology center instructors, data contacts, administrators, technology center personnel and ODCTE staff
  • Help documentation and training: See applicable guidebook in relation to the appropriate report being completed
  • Customer support information(for login issues, password resets)

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IMPACT Application Suite

  • Description: A system for housing economic development initiatives, federal legislation assistance and many other applications
  • Access provided to: State BIS agents, superintendents, technology center business managers, technology center BIS directors, technology center BIS coordinators, etc.
  • Help documentation and training
  • Customer support information (for login issues, password resets)


OK Career Guide

Oklahoma Career Guide - an easy online tool available for all Oklahomans to explore and guide their future. Users can take assessments, identify occupations, establish education plans and, ultimately, connect to employers. Whether a student searching for career and college options or an adult looking for a new career path, OK Career Guide is the powerful tool to provide all the career and educational resources needed to chart a course for the future. 

Access Provided to:
Students in grades 6-12, and Adults in Oklahoma. Educators in schools, Workforce Development and other partner agencies.  

Help Documents and training:

Contact Tara Kerr, OK Career Guide Coordinator, for questions regarding upcoming trainings:
or 405-743-5425

Customer Support Information (login in issues, password):
Kuder Client Engagement Team: 1-877-999-6227 or 

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OWA Exchange (Email System)


Resource: CTIS: Instructional Framework Management (IFM)

  • Description: An application to manage CareerTech's official instructional framework (career clusters, pathways, career majors and courses).  Resides on the CareerTech Information System (CTIS)
  • Access provided to: Cluster team leaders, state program managers, technology center instructional leaders, etc.
  • Help documentation and training
  • Customer support information



  • Description: Web usage analytical reporting for CareerTech websites.
  • Access provided to: ODCTE staff.
  • Customer support information (for login issues, password resets)
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