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Web Applications

Support information for online Web applications that require a username and password for access. Each listed app may be a separate stand-alone system requiring a unique username and password. Please make sure you are trying to log in to the right system. The general public does not need a username or password to browse

Brainbench Testing



CT UNITED Website (Communications & Marketing Website) - Learning Management System

  • Description: is Oklahoma CareerTech's Moodle-based learning management system. This LMS hosts online and blended courses, teacher resources and meeting sites.
  • Access provided to: Anyone affiliated with the Oklahoma CareerTech System may register on the site, including students, instructors, administrators and industry mentors.
  • Help documentation and training
  • Request a course site

IMPACT Application Suite

  • Description: A system for housing economic development initiatives, federal legislation assistance and many other applications
  • Access provided to: State BIS agents, superintendents, technology center business managers, technology center BIS directors, technology center BIS coordinators, etc.
  • Help documentation and training
  • Customer support information (for login issues, password resets)

CTIS: Instructional Framework Management (IFM)

  • Description: An application to manage CareerTech's official instructional framework (career clusters, pathways, career majors and courses).  Resides on the CareerTech Information System (CTIS)
  • Access provided to: Cluster team leaders, state program managers, technology center instructional leaders, etc.
  • Help documentation and training
  • Customer support information

IMD (Information Management Division)

  • Description: The Information Management Division is the primary steward for the collection and processing of student enrollment, completion and placement data.
  • Access provided to: Comprehensive school instructors, superintendents, local directors, technology center instructors, data contacts, administrators, technology center personnel and ODCTE staff
  • Help documentation and training: See applicable guidebook in relation to the appropriate report being completed
  • Customer support information(for login issues, password resets)

OWA Exchange (Email System)

CareerTech Testing Center

CareerTech Testing Center services are divided into Oklahoma customers and out-of-state customers:

Oklahoma Customers - Online Testing System

Out-of-State Customers - Online Testing System Tools



  • Description: Web usage analytical reporting for CareerTech websites.
  • Access provided to: ODCTE staff.
  • Customer support information (for login issues, password resets)
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