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Graphic Standards Manual

Why bother with branding and graphic standards?


Branding the Oklahoma CareerTech System ensures universal understanding and recognition of high-quality, competency-based training and education for youth, adults and companies.

Graphic Standards

Graphic standardization ensures consistent and proper use of graphics supporting a high quality image and recognition of the Oklahoma CareerTech System. Your support in implementing these guidelines is critical to protecting the image of Oklahoma CareerTech.


Before you go further with your project, you may want to contact Creative Services. Let the CareerTech agency artists and editor help you! Then, you won't need to know how to do ANY of this. 

If you are in a bind, proceed with the manual and adhere to the graphic standards and approved elements. If you have questions, call Creative Services.

Graphic Standards Manual


1. The link  for the Graphic Standards Manual will open as a PDF in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get back to the manual after going to one of the links in the manual, just go back to Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

2. For iPads: After opening the manual, click in the white space at the top of the document and select "Open in . . . " and choose Adobe Reader.

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